What Folks Say

Sunnyside owners know firsthand how the Boony Stomper can change the outdoor recreation experience. Take the road less traveled with the comforts you need. Don’t be held back by any ‘ol camper. Go with the Boony and get stomping.

Richard Cho

Andy, the owner, truly takes pride in building these trailers. His passion is reflected in the top notch workmanship evident in his product.

Frank Smith

These little trailers sure pack a huge punch. We’ve put some serious hardcore off road miles on ours and it keeps coming back for more!!! Sunnyside Off Road has it goin on, great customer service, impeccable fit and finish work and a product they stand behind. I highly recommend you try one of these little off road worthy trailers, you’ll thank me later!!!

Joe McMahon

I have had my Boony Stomper for five months and pull it with a 2021 performance Tesla Model Y. I have taken it all around the Pacific Northwest with no issue. The brake lights and emergency lights work easily with a common 7 to 4 pin adapter. It is very comfortable to sleep in, and easy to maneuver around the campsite by hand.

Cary P.

Love My Boonie Stomper. They went above and beyond to get my trailer ready. Very friendly. Very knowledgeable. Responded very quick to questions I had. Very satisfied. Have had several people stop me on the road an ask questions. Took it on a trip to grand canyon...very comfortable to sleep in.

Motor Biscuit

We are moving from practical to downright unstoppable. I doubt there is much of anywhere you couldn’t get to.


I’ve searched the market for something like this to do cross country camping with my SXS and nothing else has this superior suspension. I’ve done two trips now and have two more planned and hope and expect to get service out of the Booney Stomper for years to come...

Zachery Roubo

I was looking for a trailer I could take off road, tow with my outback, and take off to the mountains. Finally came across the Boony Stomper!! Have had an absolute blast with this thing! I’ve put close to 5,000 miles on this year and have had not one complaint in the cold, heat, or towing capabilities.

Gear Patrol

This Off-Road Camping Trailer Is So Light, You Can Tow It With a Side-by-Side.

Joan Lazarus

I searched for over a year to find the small, agile, teardrop that is only a sleeping pod—no fancy stuff that can break, fail, or require manuals. The Boony The Boony The Boony! It is so easy to tow, to park, to hitch and go, and to clean up after an adventure.


These campers are fantastic and can go literally anywhere the tow vehicle can. I have been very pleased with mine and use it overlanding towed behind a full sized SUV. Great camper and very easy to customize and modify to suit your specific needs.


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