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Sunnyside Offroad has designed and fabricated our own unique independent suspension to provide our customers with the smoothest and fastest riding off-road trailer on the market. After over 2 years of development, we have finally nailed down the geometry and spring rates to provide the unmatched performance of our trailers offroad. 

Conventional trailers are built by using a leaf spring design suspension. While this design may work just fine for on-road travel, it performs poorly offroad. These trailers typically have little to no damping which causes the trailer to continually bounce up and down. Anyone who has pulled a trailer like this can attest that every little bump jolts these single-axle trailers with the force being sent straight to your tow vehicle. Sunnyside Offroad had a mission to eliminate this type of ride when designing the Boony Stomper and Bunejug trailers. To accomplish this, we went to the axle-less design.

What separates us from other axle-less trailer suspensions? 

Several trailer manufacturers have been using third-party, axle-less suspensions on their trailers as well as designing their own. Each of these different designs allow for more ground clearance under the belly of the trailer by eliminating a through axle. This is crucial when taking your trailers off the beaten path. However, these trailer-specific, and bolt-on options are typically designed for heavier trailers and their components need to be very stiff to support the weight of these trailers. With this, comes minimal wheel travel as well as a hard-hitting, stiff suspension.

At Sunnyside Offroad, we have coupled our extremely durable suspension with an incredibly lightweight trailer to provide our customers with the performance they seek and deserve in a truly independent, long-travel suspension. Let’s dive into the construction:

Our trailing arms are designed and fabricated out of a 1/8” steel plate. We then form our bottom section into the tubed design with the specific geometry needed for our springs. This formed design eliminates additional weld therefore decreasing the potential for cracking under heavy abuse. We then cut and form the top plate of the arm and weld it to our base to complete our rigid boxed arm design. Our arms are powder coated with two coats to improve durability as well as seal off any gaps where water and condensation could get into the arms. The arms are bolted to the frame using four polyurethane bushings. We then complete the trailer’s suspension by adding our coil spring and shock. 

What does all this accomplish?

With this suspension design and our lightweight trailer, you will forget you have a trailer behind you! Because of our fine-tuned spring rate and damping on our suspension, you can tow Sunnyside trailers 80 MPH down the highway or pull off onto the dirt and rip across the desert without the fear of having to drive at a snail’s pace or bouncing your trailer a foot in the air. But if you just so happen to launch your Sunnyside trailer a foot in the air (which I have done, and is not encouraged), you will notice it sucks up the hit and your tires will lock right back into the dirt!

Ready to adventure and take your off-road experience to the next level? Contact Sunnyside OffRoad or visit our website for an off-road camper trailer designed, engineered, and tested for the roughest terrain!