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It can be challenging for off roading campers to decide which style of trailer is the right choice for them, so let’s go over the main differences between our two options. While both of our trailers feature the same custom, independent suspension and off-road capabilities, they have some differences in their intended use and functionality. 


The Boony Stomper

The Boony Stomper is our enclosed camper with the classic teardrop style. An insulated sleeping area with a bed mattress makes you feel right at home and provides the most protection from the elements. 

The functionality of the power package allows you to charge your devices, turn on lights, and kick on a fan for the warmer nights. With the 50 watt solar panel, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice by the end of your trip. 

The storage cabinet lets you keep your essentials loaded up and ready for quick access. You can even choose to enhance your experience with an awning or side room for changing or hanging out during bad weather. If you are looking for comfort, and a trailer that you can leave loaded up with all your gear ready to go, the Boony Stomper is hard to beat!


The Bunejug

If you’re looking for a lightweight, utilitarian trailer, the Bunejug fits that role perfectly. The Bunejug is the ideal option for people who want to bring all the necessary gear, have the options to strap the gear down or throw it into the 5×4’ utility bed, and not have to worry about overpacking their tow vehicle. 

Additionally, you can secure almost any size rooftop tent to the roof racks which is perfect for the minimalist explorer who is ready to dry camp but looking for the comfort of an elevated, easy-to-set-up tent. Roof racks also allow for the option to secure more cargo such as bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, etc.

If you’re looking for a camper that can handle a wide range of situations, the Bunejug is the right choice. It’s a versatile trailer that fits the need of any adventure whether that be camping, hunting, fishing, or even to help a friend move across town. It has all the amenities you could need while still being small enough to fit into any garage or storage space.

No matter which model is the right choice for you, the Sunnyside OffRoad camper trailers offer plenty of space and add-on accessories perfectly made to take all your recreational activities to the next level. 

Ready to adventure and take your off-road camping experience to the next level? Contact Sunnyside OffRoad for an off-road camper trailer with suspension designed, engineered, and tested for the roughest terrain!