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Whether you are planning a small weekend trip or a week long excursion, bringing along those fun toys can bring your camping experience to new heights. From paddle boards to bicycles, if you’re looking to bring your recreational gear with you on your next adventure, here are some tips on how Sunnyside Off Road’s camper trailer can make it easy.


The best way to bring a bicycle with you is to utilize a rear hitch or on an optional top rack, which can be easily attached to the top of your Sunnyside off-road camper trailer. However, we suggest the rear hitch as it is easier to put on/off your trailer. 


Something to keep in mind when using a rear hitch, is that the hitch weight limit is 75 lbs due to low overall trailer weight and tongue weight. If too much weight is added on the hitch or sticking too far out, it can cause your camper trailer to tip backwards. So be mindful with those E-bikes. Additionally, If a rear hitch is not connected to your vehicle properly, it can potentially affect overall handling. 

We also suggest purchasing a hitch tightener similar to this, to minimize rattling and to keep bicycles securely in place throughout your road trip. 

Paddle boards

When bringing along a standup paddle board, the best method is to stow on top of your Sunnyside camper trailer. Solid paddle boards can be mounted onto a roof rack fairly easily but there are some things to keep in mind to assure that your board is secure throughout your road trip. 

  1. Position your paddle board so it is running parallel with your car and with the widest point of the board between the crossbars of your rack.
  2. Your paddle board should not be more than 3-4 feet longer than your trailer as this can cause your paddle board to fall off. 
  3. You may want to use cam straps, similar to these, to better secure your paddle board. You’ll need two straps that are about 12 feet long or longer.
  4. Stop and check your paddle board after about 15 minutes of driving, pull over and give the board a tug to make sure it is still secure. Sometimes the straps can loosen up a while driving.
  5. Inflatable paddle boards can be stored in a trailer, vehicle, tongue box, or could be stored in a rack basket. We suggest using a Jackery portable battery, hand held pump, or additional power sources to inflate the board. 

Skis and Snowboards 

What better way to complete your next winter road trip than bringing along your skis or snowboard! Our teardrop camper trailer can easily store both with either a rack attached to the rear hitch or with an optional trailer rack. 

Either are great solutions to easily and securely bring along your winter road trip necessities. 

Kayaking or Canoeing

Similar to transporting a paddle board, it’s important to make sure you properly secure your kayak or canoe to ensure it stays secure. It is ideal to also mount them on top of your camper trailer using the roof rack. To double up on security, you can also utilize cam straps for kayaks and canoes to make sure they do not budge throughout your road trip. 

Always make sure to check your kayak or canoe, throughout your drive similar to a paddle board to ensure it has not budged and the straps if using are tight.  

No matter which recreational activity is your favorite, The Sunnyside OffRoad camper trailers offer plenty of space and add-on accessories to do them all.

Ready to adventure and take your off-road camping experience to the next level? Contact Sunnyside OffRoad for an off road camper trailer designed, engineered, and tested for the roughest terrain!