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The Sunnyside Offroad team went on an off-road camping adventure trip with the folks over at Family Adventure Tours (FATCO) to test out our teardrop camper trailers and explore some of the trails from Southern Utah to the Grand Canyon. There were a total of 6 rigs, 3 Jeep Wranglers, and 3 Polaris Generals all towing one of our camper trailers.

Day 1: Travel

Before we could start our off-road journey, we had to make it there first. For us, that meant a 9-10 hour drive to make it from our home in Reno, Nevada to our starting point in Hurricane, Utah. Rather than try to fit that in with some off-roading on the same day, we decided to leave a full day for travel, which also let us explore the town of Hurricane and the surrounding area.

Day 2: The Off-Road Fun Begins

We set out from Hurricane at 9 am, heading off-road south along the Hurricane Cliffs, which tower over you all along the first couple hours of the drive. Our target for the night was right on the edge of The Grand Canyon, overlooking the Colorado River. The route we chose meant we had about 100 miles to get to our destination, some relatively friendly fire roads with some extremely rocky, steep, and slow sections to mix it up.

Day 3: Another Day, Another View

It was hard to leave the campsite with a view like that, but we headed out with the promise of more breathtaking scenery. This was a lighter day than the previous one with more winding side trails and traveling through the brush. We started through some cliffs and steep roads in the first half of the day before taking a more direct route on some fire roads to make it to our destination while the sun was still out. We came out on the edge of the Grand Canyon with a view for miles. Unfortunately, the wind was ripping through the cliffs when we arrived and we made the decision to retreat back into the forest to set up camp.

Day 4: Trek Back to Civilization

Our final day on the trails meant a long stretch back to Hurricane. We were starting to look pretty low on fuel so we ended up needing to take a fairly direct route back to town which was a good 80 miles away. Taking mostly fire roads and some trails off the side to cut down on time it was a good relaxing day back. We got to enjoy one final view of the city as we crested over the cliffs and made it back with enough light to load up the rigs and trailers to head home the next day.

Day 5: Return Home

After a good night’s rest in town, we were ready for the long drive home. We had an amazing time on the trip meeting some great people and exploring just a few of the many trails down in that area with some of the best views you can find. Though it was sad to leave, we will definitely be back in the area to check out more of the beautiful scenery in the future.

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