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Your vehicle is hooked up to your new off road Boony Stomper camper trailer and you are excited as ever to hit the road. The last thing you need to do is pack up the rest of your camping gear and supplies and you will be on your way. As close as you are, everyone knows that running through the list of things to pack can lead to long-distance stares out of your garage thinking about all the items that you should or shouldn’t bring. Sunnyside Off-Road is here to help you get the essentials loaded up and speed up this final process so you can start enjoying your Boony camper trailer. Now we understand that there are a lot of different styles of camping. Some people enjoy the finer things and like to have a full array of camp kitchen setups, rocking chairs, and propane fire pits. Others prefer to munch on jerky and protein bars and kick back on a fallen log. We have provided 5 essentials for getting the Boony set up wherever it may take you and have added a list of items that we like to bring in addition to making camp set up for more comfort.

Sleeping Gear

It is tough to beat a night’s sleep out in the woods in your Boony Stomper  teardrop camper trailer. But without the proper sleeping gear, you may be shivering and tossing and turning all night. At the minimum, we recommend a comfortable sleeping pad, a warm sleeping bag, and a comfy pillow. To step things up a bit and cut down on packing time in the future, we like to outfit our Boony Stomper with the custom 6” mattress, sheets and comforter (size: full), and a couple of pillows. This way your sleeping gear is always in the Boony camper trailer and ready to go. Additionally, you can layer your sheets and blankets so you’re never too hot or too cold.

Wheel Chalks/Leveling Blocks

Once you arrive at your destination you are going to want to park and level your Boony off-road trailer. There are many ways of doing this. One method is to put a rock in front of the low side tire and pull the Boony up on the rock to level it out. Another method is to dig a slight hole in front of the high side wheel and pull the Boony tire into the hole. The quickest and most stable way is to pack some trailer wheel chalks and leveling blocks. There are many different types out there today so choose which will work best for you and your Boony.

Life Saver Jerry Can

Food, water, and shelter are essentials for all of us. Therefore, we recommend the Life Saver Jerry Can. This water filtering system allows you to scoop up water from any pond lake or creek and will filter out 99.999% of all bacteria, viruses, and cysts. You can store up to 18.5 Liters of water. The shower hose attachment also makes for great cleaning and dishwashing setup.

Patch Kit and Compressor

Safety and emergency gear are always highly recommended. Spare tires are always a good idea however, not all tow vehicles and trailers can accommodate a full-size spare. We recommend keeping a small tire patch kit and compressor in your vehicle. Because of the Boony Stomper’s lightweight, having these essentials will get you home safely in the event of a flat tire.


A shovel?? But I thought I was camping to get away from the manual labor of the work week! Though not the sexiest of camping gear items, a small shovel can be your best friend. It can help you out of muddy or sandy situations, dig a fire pit, put out a fire, and level your teardrop trailer if you didn’t read this full list and forgot your wheel chalks and level. With the overland market exploding, many great companies are making lightweight and packable shovels that can easily be stored inside your camper trailer or mounted on the exterior wall.

Setting Up Camp

Once you get to your destination, you will want to make sure you have packed all the essentials to set up camp for the night. Depending on what you have planned for dinner, we recommend bringing a camp stove with extra propane, and a griddle for your morning pancakes. Packing a foldable sink makes cleaning up just as easy as it is at home. Don’t forget to pack a foldable camp table and chairs for a spot to sit and enjoy the evening. Packing an outdoor door mat is a great way to minimize the dirt that can get into your Boony Stomper. And lastly, for those longer trips, you may want to bring a portable power station and solar panels.

Ready to take your outdoor experience to the next level? Contact Sunnyside OffRoad for an off road camper trailer designed, engineered, and tested for the roughest terrain!