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Embarking on off-road adventures with the Boony Stomper Off-Road Teardrop Trailer is an exhilarating experience that offers the freedom to explore remote terrains without bounds. One of the remarkable features of the Boony Stomper is its lightweight design, tipping the scales at a mere 720 lbs. This lightweight marvel opens the door to a wide range of cars, trucks, and side-by-sides capable of towing it. Towing the Boony Stomper provides you with the flexibility to choose the perfect companion for your backcountry escapades.

Less Stress, Smoother Ride

The Boony Stomper’s lightweight construction and advanced axle-less suspension bring more than just convenience; they contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable towing experience. The reduced weight places less stress on your towing vehicle, enhancing its overall performance and efficiency. This not only conserves fuel but also ensures a more controlled and stable ride, even on challenging terrains. Paired with the exceptional off-road suspension meticulously crafted by Sunnyside OffRoad, the Boony Stomper glides effortlessly over bumps, ruts, and obstacles, translating to a seamless journey for both you and your towing vehicle.

No Need for a 7-Pin Connector or Trailer Brakes

When towing the Boony Stomper, you’ll appreciate the convenience and simplicity it brings. Unlike heavier trailers, this lightweight champion doesn’t require a 7-pin connector or trailer brakes. You can tap into your tow vehicle’s electronics through a standard 4-pin connector, eliminating the need for additional wiring or modifications. This streamlined setup ensures that you’re ready to hit the trail without the hassle of extensive setup and adjustments.

A Diverse Array of Towing Vehicles

The Boony Stomper’s feather-light weight allows it to be towed by a diverse array of vehicles, making it an ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re cruising in a compact car, a rugged truck, or even a versatile side-by-side, the Boony Stomper is ready to follow you wherever adventure calls. Its compatibility with such a wide range of vehicles underscores its adaptability and its position as the ultimate backcountry travel partner.

Calculating Towing Capacity: Know Before You Tow

Before hitching up the Boony Stomper, it’s essential to understand your vehicle’s towing capacity. This crucial factor ensures a safe and enjoyable towing experience. To calculate your towing capacity, consider the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) of both your tow vehicle and the trailer, including all cargo and fluids. Deduct the curb weight of your tow vehicle to determine the maximum weight it can tow. Remember, it’s wise to stay well within this capacity to account for unexpected variables and ensure a smooth, stress-free journey. For more information on how to calculate your towing capacity, the glossary of towing terms, and what you need to know before you tow, read this helpful Towing Capacity Guide


Before you embark on your next journey, take a moment to explore our comprehensive chart showcasing a sample of vehicles that can confidently tow the Boony Stomper Off-Road Teardrop Trailer. Most vehicle manufacturers maintain websites that can provide this information based on your vehicle’s VIN. In the chart below are towing capacities for common trucks, cars, and side-by-sides you’ll see out there on the trail. Find the perfect match for your outdoor aspirations and prepare to create unforgettable memories on the trail. 


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